Amerikanska Kilter Grips har gjort sig världsberömda för sina stora, organiska former och en design som verkligen drar blicken till sig. Mästaren bakom deras design är veteranen Ian Powell som har utformat grepp i över 20 år.

Nedan beskriver han kort sin filosofi och tanken bakom de fyra serierna:

While it’s a shaper’s job to enhance our indoor climbing with aesthetic designs, I always keep in mind that grips are for the hand before the eyes.

The simplest most conservative shapes that come out of foam are Winter. It’s the base style with zero distractions.

Noah: One step towards the flow of the natural world. Noah’s have surface subtleties and waves for your hand.

Teagan: This is a shape that always caught my eye on rock. I isolated it and started working with it and it blew up. It keeps surprising me. I started with medium edges then found it makes brilliant foot holds. Then I tried some bigger ones and I loved those too. This is one of the most unique new styles out on the market.

Sandstone: Oh sandstone, would I even climb without you? We all know that there are lifetimes of shapes to make called sandstone. It’s no accident that I started other grip companies with sandstone too. Here’s just the beginning for Kilter.

The combination of foam we use for our prototypes and Aragon’s manufacturing has given us a remarkably comfortable texture. Seriously, people remark on it.